How PTC Works?
So just you may get some clarification about what is a PTC sites? Now, let me explain how PTC works?
All people usually watch television at least 2hours every day. Now think if those Television channels came forward to pay you for watching ads in their channels?
What an amazing offer. Isn’t it? Think about the same process and apply here. Some websites called as PTC sites to name a few giants Neobux, Clixsense, clixchain are just like those television channels who are paying a small amount of $0.001 USD to $0.1 USD for every AD you are viewing in their website. You have to open an account with them for free and log in to your account every day to view all available advertisements.
Web marketers or online business promoter’s needs immediate huge traffic for their online business websites and hence they pay a huge amount to these PTC sites to buy traffic. These sites, in turn, place those ad links in your account page daily to click, view and earn money.